Which Fire pit power sources should you use?

Fire pits are a great addition to your backyard or your garden. They can be fun, especially in winters, when you can sit around them and enjoy a snug time outdoor without caring for the cold weather. However, when installing a fire pit at your home, you have to decide the right kind of fuel. Typically, three basic types of fuel sources are used in fire pits. These include, wood, natural gas and propane. You can find a representative product for each of those categories on mushroomheater.com website.

Wood is a natural fuel source and burning it in a fire pit produces a good, warm ambience. It also gives the appearance of a true and genuine fire. However, a major concern with using wood as a fuel source is that you have to put considerable effort into lighting up the wood. Similarly, when you want to put out the fire, you will have to spend some energy putting it out, removing the embers and making sure no flammable residue is left.

An easier alternative is propane. Propane comes available in sizable tanks which you can plug up to the fire pit. The good thing about propane is that produces less harmful smoke compared to wood and it is incredibly easy and quick to start or end a fire when using propane as fuel. A slight problem with propane is that you have to routinely make trips to the hardware store in order to get propane cans.

The other fuel option for a fire pit is natural gas. If natural gas is available in your area, you can install a line from the main supply to the fire pit. This will give you continuous fuel supply and you can fire up the pit anytime you want.

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