How Do I Answer a call and Start a Skype Conference Call?

Today in this post I like illustrate about how do I answer a Skype call and start a Skype conference call? Here below I provide step by step instructions. If you need best phone backgrounds or wallpapers you can another link and get it.

Here's what it looks like when someone calls you.

  • To pick up, use the Answer button… or Decline if you're too busy to talk (or don't recognize who's calling).
  • You can also "Answer with video" using your webcam.
  • You'll learn more about that in our next video, titled Making Video Calls with Skype.
  • There's one more type of call you can make for free on Skype: a group call, with up to 25 people.
  • Group calls are great for bringing family and friends together, or for conference calls at work. Skype gives you two ways to set one up.
  • The first is by clicking the Group button above your contacts list.
  • An empty group will open on the right, where you can either drag or drop the people you want to call… Or click the + button… then choose Add People to add them manually.
  • Just click a name… then the Select button…and Add when you're done.
  • Now I have two people in my group.
  • When you're ready to begin, click the Call Group button.
  • Elizabeth: Hey, everybody! Mia: Hey, Elizabeth! How are you guys? Elizabeth: Wow, this is really cool… The second way to make a group call is to add people while the call is already in progress.
  • Just click the + button… then choose "Add people to this call.
  • " Now you can select the people you want to bring into the group.
  • When you're done, click "Add to call," and then just wait for them to answer.
  • Stephen: Hello? Bronwen: Hey, Stephen! Mia and Elizabeth are on the call too.
  • Once again, click the End Call button when you're done.

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