Levels of the Virtual Assistant Industry

There are so many different types of businesses classifying themselves as Virtual Assistants, To help you understand the VA industry a bit further, here are a few definitions to keep in mind. 

A Virtual Assistant is-

– Someone who runs a business and they are the only entity in that business. Meaning, they do all the tasks themselves for their clients with the exception of specialized tasks such as web design, graphics design, etc. of which, they would sub-contract the work out.Raise the level of your office rental by visiting http://griffinbusinesscentre.com/.

– Someone who has more than one client. Only one client stipulates you are an employee in the eyes of the IRS

– Someone who provides more than one type of service. Traditionally, VAs perform administrative tasks such as word processing, desktop publishing, calendar and email maintenance, meeting set up, industry specific tasks, travel plans, etc. However and here is the kicker – to be called a VA, they should be doing more than one type of task for their clients on a regular basis. For example, someone who only does bookkeeping is a bookkeeper; someone who only does web design/maintenance is a web master, someone who only provides transcription is a transcriptionist, etc. However, that does not mean to say that the VA can’t specialize in one area, but they should also be providing other types of services as well.

Are you Looking For An Rental Office

If you are opening a small business you will be seeing for office rental for your workers, as well as space to conduct your business matters. Before you begin seeing for office space to lease, you should know what your necessities are, as there are various kinds of office spaces. For example if you are in the towing business, appropriate office space would be a huge warehouse to store your tools and towing buses.

Earlier you start seeing at office spaces, make a list of your necessities. You will require such a list to choose whether the space you are watching is what you need or not. An instance of things that should be comprised on the list are the amount of square feet in terms of space, your budget in terms of your scheduled rental fee, are you looking for a space that is furnished or unfurnished, do you require any utensils and how many electrical passages you will need amongst other things.If you are a looking for virtual office navigate to the website http://griffinbusinesscentre.com/.

You will discover office rental promoted in an amount of different locations. You can check your local newspapers, the yellow pages as well as online. A number of office rental spaces will promote in windows; therefore, drive around the area you are interested in to see if you can find anything.