Where Have The Lead Check Lead Test Kits Gone?

Recently we have noticed a trend about the availability of the 3M Lead Check lead test kits in retail environments. We have done a small test in our local area and it is most likely that you will find the same results in your neighborhood retailers as well.

I spend a lot of time in the big box stores such as Lowe's and Home Depot and from time to time in specialty paint shops as well.

As a business person that also installs windows and doors I would need to purchase these on a regular basis and find it interesting that it is not easy to find the basic items that are needed to be compliant with the RRP program.

To be honest, yes I do have access to them because I handle them in my online shop but, these are the results that I have found and you would most likely encounter as an average RRP certified installer.Also if you are looking for Testing for Lead Andersen Environmental and find the best lead testing service.

In my area when you are inquiring about the availability of the 3M Lead Check, lead test kits for purchase this is what we found out:.

Home Depot:

The traditional 8 (eight) pack has been discontinued on their online store and they are out of stock. In the store it claims online that they have a few 2 (two) packs available in a blister pack for $9.97 per pack, these breaks down to $4.985 per swab.

In the store that their corporate website says these are available in they could not be found by any associate.