Oats Are An Incredible Source Of Silica

The simplest way to keep our health and to prolong our life is via a proper nutrition. We can eat what we like, but you shouldn't mix up "by our heads" protein and carbohydrates. If these foods arrive simultaneously in the stomach, some undesirable phenomena will occur: a family of acidic foods needs to be digested while the other doesn't.

Oats could be called the no. 1 diet. All oats benefits are known today, nonetheless it doesn't seem enough, so we need to repeat it over and again so everyone understands. It is famous the human body's immunity against a disease such as tuberculosis relates to deficiencies in silica in the body. The below amount or, sometimes the absence of silica makes us powerless from the attacks of the Koch bacillus, the tuberculosis germ.

In fact, silica is among the basic elements from which the lung tissue is formed of. Silica forms the basis for elastic – the substance that offers elasticity of blood vessels. In the absence of silica, calcium takes in its place, making the lung tissue and the blood vessels to become brittle and to reduce their elasticity. In fact you will be surprised to know that silica for thinning hair is like a tonic, it helps in nourishing and increasing volume of hairs. 

A series of major diseases like cancer, diabetes and hypertension appear due to an insufficient level of silica in the body. And silica also gets the property to completely clean the body, involving the harmful substances in stable compositions, which then remove themselves from the body in a quicker and easier way. Oatmeal is the plant which contains several times more silica compared to the others.