Types Of T-shirt Printing:

T-shirt printing is a way to make you not only smart and trendy but also unique. And this is the main reason many of us are love to do custom printing. From lovely and cute designs, customizing t-shirts are in such a way that even fashion world is taking notice to it.

Screen printing is most popular because it is cheapest way to print an image to a shirt. There are so many types of printing a t-shirt apart from this. If you are interested to know more information regarding this then you can find from customize polo t-shirt printing in Singapore. Types of t-shirt printing are given as follows:


1) Heat Transfer:

Heat transfer is most popular method. This is easy to use method. In this heat is used to transfer the design quickly. There are wide ranges of designs available of heat transfer. You can use this method in your home also. You can use any of heat appliances such as you may use your house hold iron too. Run the iron on the design several times to transferred the design. It transferring the design fast, easy to use and relatively cheap.

2) Digital Printing:

This is the latest form of printing. It directly prints on cloth. I would like to thanks to color separation features. Digital printing allows a clear image design output.