Tips for Various Lawn Mowing Patterns

Regardless of what type of lawn mower you have, including a push and riding variety, and gas/electric model, one of the most important issues is the method you use to mow the lawn. Certain patterns are better in certain situations, so it’s critical to know some of the basic/most common types of patterns used.

Starting from the Yard’s Perimeter

Tips for Various Lawn Mowing PatternsWhen you start mowing the yard, always make 2 passes around the edge of the yard. When there are buildings or fences around most of the yard you should probably do 3 passes instead of 2. This will provide enough room to turn when you’re striping the particular lawn. It will also guarantee that the lawn’s edges are mowed evenly, which is critical.

After making 2-3 passes around the edge of the lawn, you could then make smaller rings around the lawn, which will get smaller. You don’t have to make 180-degree turns and there won’t be a need to mow in straight lines if you take this approach. However, while this method is convenient, the drawback is that you won’t see the striping that’s seen on golf courses and baseball fields.

Using Striping for the Visual Effect

This is a basic method that involves making mowing across the lawn in a single pass, completing a 180-degree turn, and then making the following pass in the opposite direction. It requires slightly overlapping the first pass. This process should continue until the entire yard has been mowed. The result is that the grass will alternate in light/dark green since the grass is bent in two different directions. When grass is taller, the effect will be greater.

This method can be used each week. Alternates include mowing horizontally, then vertically, and then even diagonally. The more patterns you use, the more effects will be created on the grass.

Alternate the Different Patterns Used

This is an important step to take when choosing patterns to use for mowing your lawn. Alternating the patterns will help the grass to grow straight/tall instead of in a single direction. Besides causing the grass to look bad while it’s growing, it can also prevent the grass from growing in an evenly manner. In addition, changing the pattern will prevent wheel marks on the lawn mower from being imprinted permanently onto the grass. This is an especially major problem with riding mowers. 

Placing Side Bagger Facing the Inside

If your lawn mower has a side bagger, it’s important that the bagger face the inside towards the center of the lawn. The reason is that you can then use the mower against the side of a wall. In the case that there aren’t any walls, you should still take this step. It will help to prevent debris such as rocks from shooting out from underneath the mower, across a sidewalk/street.

There are tons of patterns you can use when mowing your lawn. This will affect the appearance of the grass, and how easy it is to complete the entire area. It’s important to experiment until you find the best way to mow your particular lawn. For more ideas about lawn patterns go to