Leather Care – Looking After Your Leather Sofa

The leather belongs to the meat industry, it is a by-product.The furs and peels left after processing are shipped to tanneries where compounds are used to refine and process the hides.  T

They are then separated into one or two layers with the under layers named as split and the top layer the 'grain'. Both can then be colored and decorated according to interest and usage.To read more on leather care you may head to https://www.leather-care.co.uk/.

It is common 'grain' cow skin that is used for upholstery but with new technology, there is a growing use of splits and reconstituted leather (produced from bonding leather shavings) as well.

Grading of leather is determined mostly by the state of the surface of grain leather. Hides from various parts of the world differ in quality depending on the type of cattle and the care and nurture they are given.  European and US cattle create better quality leather.  

Jackets from third world countries, where the cattle are starving and undergo more disease and insect infestation need to be 'brushed' or 'corrected' more to eliminate exterior damage.  This eliminates part of the grain – so the leather is less natural and with extra orpiment required to complete proper results in a more unnatural and firmer end product.   

Leather Care

Part of the cause for the prevalence of leather upholstery is that it is so simple to wipe.  Aniline leathers are given a minimum of a protecting cover during finishing so most trivial stains can be eliminated with only a cloth and gentle soapy water. 

For more obstinate stains there are professional leather cleaning products available which should be applied in any case for regular cleansing and maintenance.You can know more about different leather care products at http://aseniordogslife.com/leather-care-products-knowing-the-different-formulations.

Severe stains that cannot be eliminated even by expert cleaners should be eliminated by a licensed leather repairer who is easy to find through the internet or web directories.