IPTV Offers you a World of Convenience and Unlimited Entertainment

There is a certain cryptic terminology doing the rounds in TV entertainment circles. That terminology is IPTV. Many people not conversant with the concept wonder what the hullabaloo is all about and if it is worth their trouble to bother with this technology. It is hoped that this guide will offer the dithering consumer of IPTV the essential answers to this dilemma.

What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for internet protocol TV. In much the same way as internet protocol telephony is a telephone service offered over the medium of the internet, IPTV is a television platform that depends on the ubiquitous packet switching networks of the World Wide Web to deliver content to the final consumer.

Why IPTV is so popular.

It is possible to summarize the advantages of IPTV compared to traditional platforms in two words: convenience and choice


IPTV is the ultimate platform when it comes to offering the final consumer unfettered convenience in enjoying TV entertainment. As a consumer you can forget the cantankerous nature of setting up your TV to receive the signal either via terrestrial transmitters or satellite dishes. All you have to do is connect your TV to the internet (you need a smart TV or an internet capable set top box). Moreover, you may opt to stream the content via your PC's web browser or a compatible app on your smartphone. Now, that is convenience redefined.


IPTV also offers unlimited choice of viewing content to the user. A basic MAG 250 subscription may well offer you over a hundred different world class channels transmitting premium content around the clock.