Comparing Research and Student’s Microscopes

There are many kinds of microscopes. In fact, today, you can be presented with a myriad of terms and all you can do is get confused. You have electron microscopes, compound microscopes, student's microscopes, educational microscopes and even research microscopes.

How do you differentiate one from all the others? How do you even know which terms belong to the same category?

First, let us focus our attention on research and student's microscopes. In some ways, these two are in the same category, but on different ends of the continuum.


Research microscopes are big – and are in fact the biggest, among all other kinds of microscopes. A typical research microscope weighs between 30kg and 50kg. To know more details about microscopes visit

Now, that is some microscope! What's with such a size, you may ask? To make thing simple, let's just leave it this way: a research microscope makes possible hundreds of capabilities.

Student's microscopes, on the other hand, are the simplest forms. This is the kind of microscope that is typically used at primary and secondary schools. Still, today, the term can go as far as being used in university students.

Because of the simplicity of student's microscopes, they are not that large, compared to research microscopes. They contain only the basic and major parts of the microscope.