Can I Use Free Stock Photos for My Website?

There is a wide variety of makes use of allowed when you use an image accredited as a totally free stock photo. There is not much limit to possible uses, but you must be aware of the various types of permission allowed by the image licensor or owner. These are the primary types of certificate you will find given to free stock images:

Non-Commercial Use only

A non-commercial use license means that you may only use the image in any way which may NOT produce income owing to the use of the picture. Often for bloggers this raises a lack of whether the blog they want to use the free image on is for personal or commercial gain (for example if your blog contains AdSense or other ads), generally if your goal in writing your blog is to make money, then it is obviously commercial use. One can also visit to get free stock images.

But if you write the blog for pleasure but you make a few dollars a month by inserting advertisements on it, then free stock photographs or illustrations with a non-commercial only license may often be used. 

Commercial/Business Use Only

Anytime a photographer or illustrator has set a license on their free image to allow commercial use, then you can use the picture for your business website, blog or whatever more your business has an image-use for. Just like the personal-use only terms, if you currently earn income with your site, or plan to earn a living with the site or blog and you use a freely found image, it is certainly a commercial use. You can also browse this site to find out more Free Stock Photos.

Several artists granting a free commercial license for their images also set an earnings limit up to which you can use a free non-commercial image, once you earn more than that amount you have to get a license for that image, usually around $50-100 monthly or so.