Ingredients For Accomplishing Overall Wellness

Are you in search of total freedom, abundance and happiness….Overall wellness? 

Well, there are few simple ingredients for achieving overall wellness:

1) Water: If you are a science student you can better understand that human body cells depend on water. Ideally, human body is made of 55 to 75% of water so water needs to continuously be replenished as we lose it continuously via normal breathing, sweating, urinating and bowel movements. In addition, there are numerous benefits of drinking water, like water detoxifies, increases metabolism, moisturizes, aids with nutrient absorption and transport, regulates body temperature and so much more. Absorption and transport, regulates body temperature.  Your body requires a healthy dose of pure old fashioned, unsweetened, unflavored, natural water.

2) Healthy Eating Habits: Paying as much attention to what we put in the body as to what we put on the body is imperative to achieving wellness. If you will visit, you will get to read that food can either be a medicine or a poison. Strive to utilize food as the former. The human body requires food for nourishment. However, the type of food required by the body includes those fresh, live foods that are nutrient-dense and rich in vitamins and minerals which are necessary just as water to nourish the cells and enable the organs to function properly.  

3) Physical exercise: The body requires some form of physical activity. Exercise increases our energy and improves longevity. Exercise also promotes psychological well-being, helps with weight loss and builds and maintains healthy, strong bones, muscles and joints. If that's not enough, exercise has been linked to disease prevention for diseases such as for example heart problems, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and osteoporosis.