What are Airport barriers? Are they different from stanchion barriers?

Airports have become common place for barriers and security control as local and international travel has become more affordable to the average citizen. According to records on a daily basis at least 1000 flights pass through airports with millions of passengers, flying in and flying out of the countries. The number of people passing through has increased to such an extent that airports are also crowded these days, and with the increase in incoming and outgoing air traffic, here comes the need for high-quality airport barriers.

What is an airport barrier?

These barriers are primarily used in outdoor environments and work zones within an airport. They are generally used to indicate a clear division of workspace is needed, but unlike standard barriers, they are used to alert staff of areas to stay clear from.

These barriers are used to barricade places where the fueling of large planes occurs so that the staff working on the ground has a visual indication of where they are supposed towalk and where not to walk.

What are they made of?

Airport barriers are of UV resistant and durable materials, and have a low maintenance cost and be non-conductive to keep workers safe from potential sparks that the machines might emit. They also need to be highly visible and reflective for safe use in foggy or less visible conditions.

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