All About Electrical Switch Components

Switches are electrical components that are used in electronics to break an electric circuit. Switches achieve the current from one conductor to another or by disrupting the flow of the current.

Electromechanical device 

The most widely used type of change is a manually controlled electromechanical device which has one or more sets of electrical contacts.

The contacts can be in one of two states; they could be in a closed state which means that the contacts are touching and the electricity can flow between them or they may be in an open state where the contacts aren’t touching and therefore no conducting.


A switch might be manually operated by a human such as a light switch that will control the flow of electricity in the circuit, or as a control signal such as a keyboard button as found on many computers.

Mechanically operated switches 

To control the motions and actions of a system, mechanically operated switches are often employed. Such switches are found on many automated machines which are used in many diverse businesses today, and a good example of this would be a switch on a garage door that will prevent the door from any further motion when it’s reached its full opened place.

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There is a vast range of switch and related components which are used for creating a wide range of switches, all of which may have very many different applications, and some of these components will include:

  • Contact blocks
  • Assembly hardware
  • Lamps
  • Finger guards
  • Legend plates
  • Lenses
  • Switch actuators: Alter bodies: Alter caps: Alter keys
  • Switch connectors: Switch mechanics: Shift removal tools
  • Sealing boots
  • Bezels

Switches can be controlled by using many different processes such as temperature, current, pressure, force, and voltage. These processes are used as detectors and are used to control automatic systems.

Electrical switch

An electrical switch in its simplest form will have two pieces of metal which are known as contacts that touch to make or complete a circuit, or to disrupt or different the circuit. The material selected for these contacts should be chosen for its corrosion resistance, and this is because most metals will form insulating oxides on their surfaces which will avoid contact and stop the change from working properly.

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