Fitted Or Unfitted Shirt

As the classic couture of the men’s black dress shirt – it is a timeless color that provides somewhat more selection as far as ties and slacks are involved, and related accessorizing options. While there are lots of styles and cuts of this type of a shirt, there are two basic styles to consider here: fitted or unfitted.

Pros of the Fitted Black Dress Shirt

We are going to explore the numerous pros which are in favor of adding that black dress shirt to your wardrobe for more enhanced outfit selection. So before you swipe that plastic through your clothes shopping spree, make sure you take into account some of the benefits which you can enjoy when you wisely add a fitted black dress shirt to your shopping cart.

  1. Comfier Fit

If you have ever worn an unfitted shirt, then you know what you’re dealing with here. It is loose on the endings, too baggy in other areas, too tight in some, and generally just odd-fitting. Sure, it is going to fit your body (provided you selected the appropriate size). Most certainly, you won’t be sent home from work because of it.

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  1. More Lavish Looking

A standard unfitted black dress shirt is just a shirt. There’s nothing that actually makes it stand out on your person. By comparison, a fitted black dress shirt is a bit more luxurious. It contours to your body type and elegantly portrays your upper body. Additionally, it fits more closely into your dress slacks when tucked in, and your tie lies more prominently atop the breast once the shirt is cut and adorned to mold to your body.

  1. Tailored to Your Torso

The most popular reason why people opt for a fitted black dress shirt instead of an unfitted one is to outline their torso. A lot of men prefer to hit the gym several times per week and have bigger pectorals than the average person does. Having an unfitted shirt, they can struggle to find that ideal look and feel. With a fitted shirt, nevertheless, it is intended to augment their body and body structure for a more pronounced and natural fashion.

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