Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are an efficient way to provide warmth and air conditioning to homes in climates that are typically warm with mild winters.

When you compare the energy usage of these devices you will discover that if they were properly installed, they supply an equivalent of 3 times as much energy as the amount they consume.

Air source heat pump

An air source heat pump moves heated air instead of converting cold air to heated air. They work really well in warm climates, but they aren’t as efficient in colder climates.

Most people who install these systems in regions that have winters that get very cold have backup heat resources to maintain their homes comfortable. If you want to buy Swan air pump (which is also known as ” ปั๊มลม swan” in Thai language ) for your needs Click to investigate through online websites.







Air source heat pumps have copper tubing inside the home and outside the home that connects to a compressor on the device. The copper tubing is surrounded by aluminum fins such as the ones on automobile radiators. These aluminum fins help to transfer the heat in the atmosphere.

 Air pressure heat pumps


The air pressure heat pumps have a panel of electrical resistance coils that are engaged whenever the outside temperatures fall below 40 degrees. These coils function like the ones in your toaster do, and they’re into real efficient when the air temperatures dip below 40 degrees and stay that way for extended periods of time.

You can construct a protector fence to block the high winds from the unit or you can plant bushes strategically on the north side of the device to reduce the high winds.


The compressors on the outside unit can be noisy, and the fans on the outside units can also be noisy. They create bases for these units to be put on that will help to absorb the noises of their fans and compressors.

If your unit begins to be less effective than it had been you should consider having the coils cleaned, check the refrigerant levels, and make certain all ductwork has not holed in it.

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