Information About Pigeon Racing

Pigeons have been domesticated for centuries. The Egyptians would tame them for amusement and food. In the previous time when the post wasn’t yet established people would make use of these birds to carry messages across the enemy line.

However, now with the more advanced methods of carrying and transmitting messages, only hobbyists tame these birds.

Nowadays they are not used to carry messages anymore and they are only reared for the exceptional manure they generate, for food and for entertainments. You can get all of the information you require aboutPigeon chaser (which is also known as ” เครื่องไล่นกพิราบ ” in Thai language  ) if you do a bit of research online.

When they’re enrolled in races they are not judged by the distance they travel but the rate at which they reach their destination. This is done since space is the same for all the birds. The rule is identical in human races.

There are so many pigeon races that are held on an international level.

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