Brief About Tax Resolution Services

All tax enrolled agents have either passed an examination or are former employees, and must engage in continuing education every three years.

That means they are just as qualified as tax attorneys or Canada revenue agency for most tax resolution services.Research tax consultant firms in your local area to find an enrolled agent who offers the specific tax help you need.You can visit in order to get more information about tax resolution services.

Audit preparation and representation

A suspicious number on your annual tax return can lead to an audit, a time-consuming and frustrating examination of your financial records to determine whether you've been honest and accurate in your dealings with the Canada revenue agency.

If you receive notice of an impending tax audit, it's a good idea to secure the services of a tax professional to help you prepare your records.An enrolled agent can also represent you during the audit, negotiating with and presenting evidence to the agency on your behalf.

Many are so thorough in their preparation that you don't even have to be present at the audit, which can save you time and stress during the auditing process.

Tax settlement negotiation

If you're struggling with a tax debt you are not able to pay, one can help negotiate a tax settlement with the audit agency. First, your tax consultant will examine your financial records and recommend the best course of action. 

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