Concrete Plant Marketplace Review

Con-E-Co reigns as the premier batch plant manufacturer to many in the concrete industry. You will find few people that would attempt to dispute that Con-E-Co currently manufacturers some of the best concrete plants available.

They are well designed, constructed and offer some of the most advanced onboard features of any similar equipment manufactured today. Unfortunately Con-E-Co concrete equipment carries a price tag that is reflective of all their recent accolades. To get more data related to Concrete Equipment visit at concreteiron.



It is important to understand some history on Con-E-Co before moving further into this review. Historically, Con-E-Co was considered average. It wasn't until Con-E-Co was purchased by the Oshkosh Corporation in 2004 that they became recognized as a premier batch plant manufacturer.

This makes understanding and pricing a used Con-E-Co tricky. There are many older Con-E-Co plants that are being sold for more than they are really worth because of the reputation Con-E-Co built after they merged with Oshkosh.

If you are considering buying a new Con-E-Co machine then understand with Con-E-Co you are getting top of the line equipment. Customers of modern Con-E-Co plants boast about their simple and low maintenance requirement and low down time. They boast about the reliability, ease of erection, and the overall time savings that owning a Con-E-Co affords. 

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