An Incisive Ewen Chia Review: Setting the Record Straight

To anyone with an inkling of the goings on in the affiliate marketing industry, the name Ewen Chia is more than likely to be very familiar if not inspirational. Ewen is a larger than life figure and it is very hard for any single Ewen Chia review to do him justice. But at least it is worth pointing out what is true about the internet marketing guru and what is just myth. 

Not an Overnight Success Story

One of the grossest inaccuracies perpetrated about Ewen Chia is that he achieved his global fame and fortune almost overnight. On the contrary, Ewen Chia himself admits to having struggled in the formative years to launch his internet marketing venture. Considering that he started all the way back in 1997, it is perhaps understandable that he found the going so tough.

You may also be misled to believe that to make your own affiliate marketing venture successful, you need plenty of experience making money online. According to Ewen Chia's bestselling publication though, anyone with the right attitude and knowhow can not only make a living but a large personal fortune as well. This has inspired a whole generation of affiliate marketers who are making a name for themselves even as you read this.

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