Elizabeth Warren responds to Third Way on Social Security: ‘Oh please.’

Sourced from: Daily Kos

by Laura Clawson
THU DEC 05, 2013 AT 01:24 PM PST


Sen. Elizabeth Warren, not taking any crap.

Wall Street front group Third Way has apparently not learned the lesson of all those bankers and regulators who have been grilled to a crisp by Sen. Elizabeth Warren. If Third Way had learned that lesson, it probably wouldn’t be trying to push back on Warren’s response to its attack on her. Because really, she’s not having any of it. You judge who comes out on top when, after Warren issued a full-throated defense of Social Security:

Third Way’s spokesman responded by saying that under Warren’s plan, Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase’s CEO, would be entitled to a higher Social Security payout.

“Oh please. I’m out there working for Jamie Dimon the same way Dick Cheney is out there trying to save the environment,” Warren said.

When all you have to push back against Elizabeth Warren is the claim that she’s somehow on the side of Wall Street bankers, you’re flailing. Especially when you’re the spokesman for an organization that is actually on the side of Wall Street bankers.

Third Way is pushing to cut Social Security. Warren is pushing to expand it. As far as the merits and the popularity of the two arguments, there’s no contest. The only edge Third Way has is all that Wall Street money—and it’s fighting for that to remain an edge.

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