5 Lies The Gun Lobby Tells You

Sourced from AlterNet.com

Sadly, it’s time for another refresher.
December 14, 2012  |  
Photo Credit: © Micha Klootwijk/ Shutterstock.com   
America’s seems to be in for another debate over gun regulation after the slaughter at Sandy Hook Elementary School left 27 (mostly children) dead. So it’s worth reviewing five made against regulating gun ownership in the United States:
MYTH #1: More guns don’t lead to more murders.  A survey by researchers at the Harvard University School of Public Health found strong statistical support for the idea that, even if you control for poverty levels,  more people die from gun homicides in areas with higher rates of gun ownership . And despite what gun advocates say, countries like Israel and Switzerland  don’t disprove the point .
MYTH #2: The Second Amendment prohibits strict gun control.  While the Supreme Court ruled in  D.C. v. Heller  that bans on handgun ownership were unconstitutional, the ruling gives the state and federal governments a great deal of latitude to regulate that gun ownership as they choose. As the U.S. Second Court of Appeals  put it in a recent ruling  upholding a New York regulation, “The state’s ability to regulate firearms and, for that matter, conduct, is qualitatively different in public than in the home. Heller reinforces this view. In striking D.C.’s handgun ban, the Court stressed that banning usable handguns in the home is a ‘policy choice[]‘ that is ‘off the table,’ but that a variety of other regulatory options remain available, including categorical bans on firearm possession in certain public locations.”
MYTH #3: State-level gun controls haven’t worked.  Scholars Richard Florida and Charlotta Mellander  recently studied  state-to-state variation in gun homicide levels. They  found that  “[f]irearm deaths are significantly lower in states with stricter gun control legislation.” This is backed up by research on  local gun control efforts  and cross-border gun violence .
MYTH #4: We only need better enforcement of the laws we have, not new laws.  In fact, Congress has passed several laws that cripple the ability for current gun regulations to be enforced the way that they’re supposed to. According to researchers at the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, a  series of federal laws  referred to as the Tiahrt amendments “limit public access to crime gun trace data, prohibit the use of gun trace data in hearings, pertaining to licensure of gun dealers and litigation against gun dealers, and restrict ATF’s authority to require gun dealers to conduct a physical inventory of their firearms.” Other federal laws “limited the ATF compliance inspections” and grant “broad protections from lawsuits against firearm manufacturers and retail sellers.”
MYTH #5: Sensible gun regulation is prohibitively unpopular.  Not necessarily. As the New Republic’s Amy Sullivan reported after the series of mass shootings this summer, a majority of Americans would prefer both to enforce existing law more strictly and  pass new regulations on guns  when given the option to choose both rather than either/or. Specific gun regulations are also  often more popular than the abstract idea .

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